Seoul Kimchi Festival

November 3rd (Fri) ~ 5th (Sun), 2017 Seoul Plaza, Mugyo-ro

About the 4th Seoul Kimchi Festival

서울김장문화제는 다채로운 프로그램을 통해 세계가 참여하는 공유와 나눔의 장으로 거듭날 것 입니다.

In the past, kimjang(kimchi-making) day was a day for sharing love, a day for festivals and feasting.
Designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, kimjang has gone global and kimchi has become a classic, healthy food much loved by people around the world.
With the first Seoul Kimchi Festival in 2014, the much forgotten Korean sharing spirit comes alive and kimjang was created into a cultural festival that has developed into a leading global sharing festival in Seoul.
Celebrating the theme ‘Happy sharing, Kimjang day,’
the 4th Seoul Kimchi Festival will offer visitors opportunities to touch,
feel and taste the unique Korean kimjang culture through various programs
such as Making&Sharing Kimchi, where over 5,000 people get together to
make kimchi for the underprivileged, Seoul Kimjanggan, where participants
get to try their hands at making kimchi for our families as well
the Kimchi Market and Kimchi Imagination Playground etc.

From November 3rd (Fri) to 5th (Sun), 2017, Kimjang Day!
A festival with an authentic kimjang theme to create an enjoyable kimjang culture rich in traditional value.
We hope that everyone will have a magical time at Seoul Kimchi Festival.

Event name
The 4th Seoul Kimchi Festival
Date and Time
November 3rd (Fri) ~ 5th (Sun), 2017
Seoul Plaza, Mugyo-ro
Seoul Metropolitan City
Seoul Metropolitan City, Kimchi Association of Korea, MIRAL Welfare Foundation

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